Islanders : a poem on three screens or my kind of manifesto.

‘This is not a clear-cut story with a beginning and an end,  
For I don't believe life is like that either.

... I now know that when Rachida asks for a biscuit she often means something else completely.

…  that Yasmine likes my jacket because red is a color she can see well.

That she,
And I,
And Berivan are the same age.

I now know that the extent I am able to understand her has to do with the degree I am able to focus.’

My graduation project 'Islanders : a poem on three screens or my kind of manifesto' is a video installation with fragments that have all been filmed and written in several (alternative) health-care facilities in the Netherlands.

The presentation on three screens is of great importance to me because it emphasizes the fragmentary aspect of the work - it is simply not possible to see everything at once - so you, as a viewer, also have to take a position / choose a perspective. Sometimes even very literally, because several scenes are taking part in the same room.

Translated with the help of Judie Ellington.
Design by Fabian Hamacher.