A group exhibition curated by Maite Vanhellemont.

Observing, registering, collecting: one can think of various motivations for taking a photograph. The exhibition Souvenir brings together the work of various artists who use the camera in an attempt to preserve particular aspects of everyday reality. To try and capture what would otherwise disappear: an encounter, a time frame, a scent, a fleeting moment. For personal reasons, from a sense of nostalgia for example, sometimes almost compulsively, or simply because it brings pleasure. Although the results are very different from each other, the artists in Souvenir share the human tendency to preserve true experiences or cherished fabrications.

Artist, lecturer and alumna HKU Photography Maite Vanhellemont (1990) put together an exhibition for AG from her own practice and interest. The participating artists range from experienced makers to recently graduated talents. Five of them are (guest) teachers and/or alumni of various study programs at the HKU. Especially for the exhibition, Bas Blaasse wrote an essay.

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An ongoing collection of everyday observations by Maite Vanhellemont.

All film stills and photos collected in this publication were unstaged and shot between the spring of 2018 and the winter of 2020 using a iPhone 8.

A selection of the film stills was previously shown during a digital pop-up exhibition in Amsterdam's subway network in the context of Museum Nacht 2019. The text ‘Wat Niemand Ziet’ is also part of Jan Zwaaneveld’s collection of short stories of the same name, which was published in the spring of 2021.

The title of this publication refers to a text I came across above a house in Ostend (BE), during a family weekend in the autumn of 2018. Perhaps according to some a cliché, but I experienced this as a piece of poetry, which you sometimes just stumble upon.

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In the weekend of January 25&26 2020, artists Maite Vanhellemont and Simon Skatka Lindell opened, closed and placed doors within the space of Hannah Art Space, Amsterdam. 

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Videowork for ‘Let’s Play Art Gallery’ ; a digital pop-up exhibition in Amsterdam’s subway network in the context of ‘Museumnacht 2019’.

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UUT Experience | National Youth Council
Commissioned by UUT Experience / National Youth Council, photography for the project 'Young in Overvecht' by Marleen Klapwijk and Simone van Daelen from Studio Flessenpost. Presented in an exhibition and publication from December 6 - 8 2019 at Huis van Betekenis, Utrecht.

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Sight specific project at Hampshire Hotel, Renesse (NL), June 2019.

‘ een ruimte als deze,
die van niemand is,
en met tijden alle genodigden toebehoort,
ga ik graag op zoek naar het karakter van de kamer.

details als film-stills,
weggetrokken uit een niet-bestaand verhaal.

een telefoon
en afstandbediening,
liggen klaar voor het gebruik.

twee stoelen geplaceerd als een ontmoeting,

één leuning die de ander net niet raakt.’

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Installation views of a self initiated exhibition, on view as long as my neighbor is on holiday, November 2018.

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Installation as a result of the ‘Het Vijfde Seizoen’ summerschool. 

In ten days we’ve explored the field of psychiatry, language and art and worked towards an exhibition. 

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ISLANDERS: A poem on three screens or my kind of manifesto.

This is not a clear-cut story with a beginning and an end,  
For I don't believe life is like that either.

All fragments were shot and written at several (alternative) health care facilities in the Netherlands.

A script and video installation.
Translated with the help of Judie Ellington.

Design by Fabian Hamacher.

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Als iets niet kort is dan is het lang (NL)
Het is tien uur. Het is tien uur. Het is tien uur. 
Het is negen uur. Het is negen uur. Het is negen uur.
Het is acht uur. Het is acht uur. Het is acht uur.
Het is kwart over negen. Het is kwart over negen.
Het is kwart over negen. Het is kwart over tien.
Het is kwart over tien. Het is kwart over tien.
Het is kwart over acht. Het is kwart over acht.

Ik kan (niet) Nederlands praten. Kan jij (je) Nederlands praten?
Kunnen jullie ----- praten. Kan, moet,  Mag, Zal, ga, wil. 

Anoniem als individu in het Nederlandse bureaucratische vluchtelingenbeleid, een ander gevoel van tijd en ruimte ontstaat. In samenwerking met Wouter Stroet en Michaël Jovanovic ben ik tot een publicatie gekomen die een geabstraheerd beeld schetst van deze situatie. 

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